Tzolakis : Fiorentina having more experience.

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Konstantinos Tzolakis thinks what happens on the pitch will decide Wednesday’s Conference League final, despite Fiorentina having more experience than Olympiacos.

Constantis Tzolakis, 21-year-old Olympiacos goalkeeper, admits Fiorentina have more experience playing in finals than them. But when the competition begins, Promotion ufabet everything will depend only on what happens on the field. 

‘Our only advantage over Fiorentina is that we have played in this stadium before. And we will have more fans on our side. Fiorentina has the advantage of experience from last season’s final. But when the competition begins nothing important Just what happened on the field.’

‘Mental preparation is more important than physical for this final. The team that is better prepared mentally will win the championship trophy.’

‘In order to enter the final game We have to get rid of the big teams. There is no easy way to progress. We deserve to qualify. The only thing left is to give 100 per cent in the final.’

‘This is the final. Therefore, extra time and penalties may be among the options. We’ve analyzed everything there is to know about Fiorentina, including their penalty taker,’ Tzolakis said.

Olympiacos will be looking to repeat the success of their own youth team, who beat AC Milan last month to become the UEFA Youth League champions.

Fiorentina are no stranger to finals, and after losing two last season they will be desperate to put things right and lift a trophy for the first time since 2001.