Mbappe looks at Milan if he plays in Italy.

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Kylian Mbappe, forward for the French national team Revealed that if he were to play in Italy in the future, he would choose to go to AC Milan, which he has been cheering for since childhood.

Mbappe is preparing to take a new step in his career with Real Madrid next season after concluding his last season playing for Paris Saint-Germain.

In addition to Real Madrid army that they dream of playing for, AC Milan, the Italian giant, is another team that the fast-paced striker is cheering for สมัคร ufabet. And if one day I get to play in Italy, it must be AC Milan only.

“Italian football? You never know what can happen. I always said that if I had to play in Italy one day, I would go to Milan.”

“When I was a kid I was a big AC Milan fan and I always followed Serie A and watched every Milan game. My whole family are AC Milan fans!”

The transfer to Real Madrid has not yet been officially announced, with Spanish media reporting that the famous Spanish team is waiting for Mbappe’s contract to be awarded to Paris Saint-Germain. It officially expires on June 30th before confirming that he will join the team as a super big deal for the summer.