Fort happy to sign new Barcelona contract.

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Hector Fort extends his contract with Barcelona until 2026, along with the likes of Joan Laporta, Rafa Juste and Anderson Deco.

Hector Fort, 17-year-old defender, is happy to extend his contract with Barcelona until 2026, adding to his release clause and receiving a pay increase, according to reports. ‘UFABET’ on Tuesday.

Fort is a youngster from La Masia’s training center who rose to play with the first team last season. The club views him as a player of the future who can play on both sides of the back and is preparing to push for a full senior role next season ยูฟ่าเบท. The Azulgrana will reinforce that idea by extending the player’s contract further.

After officially signing his new contract with the club, Fort made no secret of his feelings on the deal. It means everything to the 17-year-old defender to stay with the club of his life. 

‘Definitely very happy. I’m very excited to extend my contract with the club of my life,’ Fort said after extending his contract until 2026. 

‘In the end I spent many years here. In this house, I came to Barcelona when I was 7 years old and since then I have progressed every year. Get involved with many teammates. Played in many tournaments Until I arrived here today It’s a goal we’ve all worked towards over the years.’

‘This year has definitely been a memorable year for me. Year of first appearance This year I started to have time to play. So I’ll never forget it.’

Fort also thanked everyone who helped along the journey, saying, ‘Yes, of course my family has been by my side throughout. Bear with me every day, my friends, the same people who have been with me all my life.’

‘And of course, all the coaches. All staff members And all the players who have been with me for the 11 years I’ve been here. Thanks also to them for helping me in this matter.’

The 17-year-old defender also spoke about his ambitions for the Azul Grana. ‘I see myself as part of the team. Try to take as much time as possible. And of course, to win the championship. Be as successful as possible and stay here as long as possible.’