Wenger backs up the Arsenal to win the league title this season.

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Arsenal legend Arsene Wenger looks to his former club to step up into the Premier League title race England this season.

         The Gunners won 3-1 at home to Spurs in the latest game to stay firmly at the top of the table. While Manchester City followed closely after a 6-3 thrashing of Manchester United on Sunday.

         Despite Pep Guardiola’s side being viewed as title contenders. Wenger believes City’s focus on winning the Champions League trophy could be a good chance the former club will have a chance UFABET 

         Asked about Arsenal’s chances of being named a Premier League title challenger. Wenger said: “Yes, personally I’m just one team behind City.”

         “(Arsenal) are the second best team to have the chance to win the Premier League. Because Manchester City will have a focus on the Champions League stage.” 

         When asked if he felt it was Arsenal’s best chance of becoming a title challenger, Wenger said: “I think so. And after we do not know what Liverpool will be. They are 11 points behind and 10 points behind Manchester City, it’s a mountain to climb.

         “Chelsea itself is not consistent at the moment. They still haven’t found the confidence to be a team competing for the Champions League on Tottenham with my DNA. I probably can’t (Predict the chance of a championship)”