Manchester United fans vented their emotions with Pep’s paintings.

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Manchester United supporters splashed paint on a mural of Pep Guardiola. After the club’s 3-6 defeat by Manchester City in the English Premier League.

         A blue-backed image with the Spanish boss’s face with the Manchester City logo was previously erased in a green font. That reads ‘MUFC’ a few weeks ago. After a few hours it was redrawn.

         Recently, a good football fan brought red to splash on this picture again. With the club’s initials ‘MUFC’ written on it as well, the artwork’s home owner, Leslie Kelly, hopes to raise money for local and national charities. Talk about dissatisfaction with what happened UFABET

         “It’s really frustrating,” Kelly told the Manchester Evening News. The neighbors tried to yell at them this time. So they ran away quickly.”

         “It has nothing to do with football. It’s a very stupid asset destruction. It is to brighten and help the community. We listen to this to bring together different charities and raise awareness of some really important causes.” Manchester United.

The passion for the fun of football has made football one of the most popular sports in the world. But football is not just a sport, it is also another business with huge turnover than many people imagine.

One of the important factors that make money circulating in the world football industry so much. It would be the fan base of each team who fully supports the love team, whether it is tickets or products, produced to possess.