Lindelof points out that playing the Champions League is a value Manchester United deserve.

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Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof suggests. That it is all right when they combine power throughout the 20220-23 season. Until they can win the right to return to play in the Champions League again next season. Because of superpowers like. The Red Devils must compete in the best competition.

United have passed 37 matchdays with 72 points guaranteed to qualify for the Champions League 2023-24. Of course, even if there is one game left, it is considered an excuse for this season playing only the Europa League. 

As someone who has been with the team for a long time. I understand that How important is the CHPL, both in terms of prestige and huge income? UFABET

“Yes, of course, qualifying for the Champions League is always our goal.” Lindelof said

“I am very pleased with the success we achieved yesterday.” 

“I believed deeply before the match against Chelsea that the team would guarantee a ticket to the CHPL. On the field he was enthusiastic and won 4-1. So everyone was satisfied with the result. 

“The comparative difference between the two seasons I think is mentality. and the enthusiasm that everyone puts into it.”

“I think everyone knows what to do when entering a race. We have a level to play and everyone knows their duty.” 

“The current season has seen us play a lot of top quality football. And saw that he deserved to be part of the CLC.” 

Erik ten Hag is the fifth Manchester United manager to remain out of the top four in his first season in charge after John Bentley (1912-13), Sir Matt Busbie (1946-47), Ron Atkinson (1981-82) and Louis van Gaal (2014-15).