Lewandowski compares the difference between Barcelona and Bayern.

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Robert Lewandowski has been in outstanding form since joining Barcelona. And has helped the Azul Grana side lead the Ligue 1 side for the first time in a row 2 and a half years.

Barcelona’s Poland striker Robert Lewandowski told Pol Pot Canal Sportovy on Monday that Barcelona have high standards. Ready to compare with the old team Bayern Munich since the pre-season preparation. 

Lewandowski moved from Bayern Munich to Barcelona last summer. The 34-year-old spearheaded a remarkable performance, scoring nine goals and helping Azul Grana lead La Liga for the first time in 893 days, or about two and a half years ago, last week UFABET

‘Pre-season with Xabi was intense. I expected it to be easier. It’s the same or more difficult with Bayern Munich,’ Lewandowski said.

The Pol striker also revealed he is rejuvenated at his new life at Barcelona.

‘In Spain, the fans appreciate the technical details more than in Germany, here they feel comfortable. They enjoy themselves. I’ve always wanted to play in La Liga. Living in Spain is my dream. not just sports I feel refreshed now.’

Bayern Munich’s Poland forward Robert Lewandowski has picked up his first ‘European Golden Shoe’ award. He became a Bundesliga player to have won the award since Southern Tiger legend Gerd Muller twice, in 1971-1972 and 1969-1970.