Chouameni doesn’t care about being hailed as ‘New Pogba’

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Real Madrid midfielder Aurelien Chouameni insists he is not interested in praising the media for referring to himself as footballer the “New Pogba”.

         The 22-year-old is regarded as a promising midfielder. and moving in with “White King” did not disappoint football fans with impressive results. News which was raised to compare with compatriot Paul Pogba midfielder.

         However, the News does not pay attention to such praise. Ready to talk about swiping Paris Saint-Germain. to come and play in the Santiago Bernabeu UFABET

         “I’m not ‘new Pogba’, I’m Aurelien Chouameni, I try to write my own story,” Chouameni said in an interview with Telefoot. all the time as a child We play in the same position, but there is only one Pogba.”

         “I try to be involved in the France national team, but if Kante and Pogba come back, the coach will choose them. And I will do my best to get started. I miss the World Cup every day. I try to work with Real Madrid and then wait to see the announcement.

         “I’m not hesitant about PSG, this is a big European club. But I decided to play for Real Madrid, it doesn’t matter how much it costs. There is always pressure in Madrid. But I tried to live up to the expectations and so far it has gone well.”

         “It’s not me who decides the price, whether it’s 80, 60, 40 in the end. You come to Madrid and you have to perform.”