Healthy breakfast menu.

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Ingredients suitable for making a healthy breakfast menu include vegetables, fruits, and unprocessed whole grains. Dairy products Protein and useful fats Examples of healthy menus suitable for breakfast include: 

  • Whole wheat bread sandwich with tuna or lean meat and fresh vegetables.
  • Cereal or cornflakes mixed with plain milk
  • Sticky rice with grilled pork is lean and not scorched UFABET
  • Boiled rice with meat and vegetables
  • Fried rice or omelet rice
  • Boiled oats with almonds or dried berries.
  • Natural, unflavored yoghurt with fresh fruit. 
  • Boiled eggs, scrambled eggs or fried eggs Eat with Wholemeal Toast, mushrooms and tomatoes.
  • Whole wheat bread with hard boiled eggs and fresh vegetables 

To have enough time to eat breakfast If you don’t have much time in the morning, you should wake up 10 – 15 minutes earlier than usual. Some people can prepare the ingredients and breakfast menu the night before to make it easier to eat in the morning. Or take the time to do non-essential activities in the morning first. Like playing with a mobile phone or watching TV. This alone may increase the time you can eat breakfast each day. 

However, choosing to eat a nutritious breakfast menu will help you stay healthy. But you must not forget to take care of other aspects of your health at the same time. You should exercise regularly. Maintain weight within standard limits Get enough rest. deal with stress Talk with others Limit the amount of alcohol you drink and don’t smoke.